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20 Tips To Improve Your Bench Press Strength

Publish date: 06/05/2013

Lots of bodybuilders feel that the bench press is a boring exercise and a good number of them struggle to benefit from this workout. Here are 20 tips from bodybuilding experts that you can use to optimise the results of bench presses.

Tip # 1 Shoulder Back

Initially practice protracted position and retracted position to prepare your shoulders for proper bench pressing.

Tip # 2 Use Feet

Place your feet firmly on the ground and do not let them move from this position while doing bench press so as to stabilise the body.

Tip # 3 Visualise

Before starting, try to estimate the lap of each exercise and feel the heaviness virtually. This mental preparation will also prepare the body for such heavy exercises.

Tip # 4 Encourage Yourself

Always try to convince yourself that the weight is lower than the actual weight. Tell yourself that you have lifted that weight earlier successfully.

Tip # 5 Squeeze the Glutes

Always try to squeeze and tighten glutes, as this will help channel stability in the entire body and transfer maximum power to bench.

Tip # 6 Get Firm Grip

Try different grips and get hold of the most suitable grip in accordance with your strengths and weaknesses. Try to remember and practice it.

Tip # 7 Strengthen Your Weak Areas

Pinpoint your weak areas like getting stuck at the bottom, middle or top. Work more on that area and set a particular motion while pressing in those areas.

Tip # 8 Use A Thicker Bar

Initially, use a bar thicker than the standard one. It will make it easier when you shift to the actual standard bar later

Tip # 9 Get Rid of Mental Barriers

Try to lift bigger weights than those you are used to. Always be mentally convinced and prepared to lift heavy weights.

Tip # 10 Get Warmed Up Properly

Properly balanced warming up is very essential before going for maxim session. Don't go to bar without warm up or do excessive warm up.

Tip # 11 Plan the Weights

Never try lifting the maximum weight in the first attempt. The weights should be planned systematically starting from the small to the highest weight.

Tip # 12 Take Appropriate Breaks

After every attempt of maximum weight, your body requires a minimum gap of three to four minutes before next attempt.

Tip # 13 Maitain Warm Up

Do not let the body cool down during the prescribed break after every maximum weight. Keep moving and maintain the body temperature

Tip # 14 Maintain the Momentum

Never subsidise the momentum as you reach the top while pressing. It should neither be stopped in between nor slowed down as it approaches top.

Tip # 15 Chest Up

Always keep your chest up. This will reduce the distance to be travelled by the bar. It results in preserving energy for more rounds.

Tip # 16 Glutes to Be Down On Bench

Never let your glutes rise up the bench as you push with feet. This can potentially be dangerous and cause a severe injury.

Tip # 17 Take A Deep Breath while Lowering Bar

Always take a long breath and hold it for a few seconds before you bring the bar down. This will stabilise you, help you keep control and increase power.

Tip # 18 Use Your Lats

Strength of Lats plays a very important role and very helpful in practicing strong bench press. If you squeeze lats, you can exert more power and push more weight.

Tip # 19 Strengthen Helps Muscles

Other than chest, there are several muscles involved in bench press. So, you should also focus on training other muscle groups that provide support like the shoulders, triceps and biceps.

Tip # 20 Avoid Excess Training

Always keep an eye on the time. Over training can cause more damage than benefit.