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6 Things You Must Do To Build A Bigger Chest

Publish date: 20/07/2013

The chest always stands out in bodybuilders and every beginner or professional wants to obtain an impressive chest. According to Vince Gironda, "it should be shaped liked the shield of a roman soldier." What does chest really stand for? Chest can be termed as pectoralis minor and major. The pectoralis minor is a triangular muscle situated in the upper area of the chest while pectoralis major forms the bulk of the chest muscles. The primary function of pectoralis major muscle is to help in pulling your arm laterally across your body. This is exactly the reason why flyes are required in a chest workout.

Creating the Perfect Chest Workout

There are several exercises that can be performed to strengthen the chest muscles and help them grow. The most recommended chest workout or routine include:

Floor Flys

Cable floor flys are the most recommended chest exercises. This is the starting exercise for beginners as well as intermediate trainers and should be performed first. While doing this exercise, you need to put the handles near the cable; try to keep them very low and lie down on the floor. You need to then perform a regular fly by touching the floor with your upper arms making sure your elbows don't touch the floor. This exercise will ensure that your pecs are activated right in the beginning.

You can make variation in the exercise by bringing your hands together right on your chest or forehead. Keep your shoulder blades together and avoid rounding the shoulders.

Floor Press

Go for the floor presses!

The floor press is the perfect exercise for strength and mass. When using the power rack, set its bar to a safety level and it should be around 15 inch above the floor. You need to get under it. You should also choose a bench with a wide grip. You need to press the bar right up to full extension from a full stop position.

Tip: Treat each rep as a single exercise.

Using Flys with Twist motion

You need to perform underhanded flys with a twist. This will help you in working out the pectoralis minor muscles. The development of these chest muscles are import for complete chest development. You need to stand near the cables and move the handles simultaneously downwards in a V-motion. Keep your shoulder down.

The Bench Press is not recommended

It is not advisable to perform flat bench press. It can lead to shoulder and elbow problems and also causes a droopy chest. It can also lead to torn rotator cuffs. The flat bench press is good for building triceps and shoulders while the incline bench press is better for the chest. Another good chest exercise option is the Dumbbell as it assists with a range of motion.

Tip: Always remember, you cannot grow an impressive chest if it is torn.

Use Pullover

You need to ensure that pullover is the first motion you make post un-racking the weights. There are many beginners who like to bench press very close to their neck and this:

  • Can be quite dangerous
  • Is definitely suboptimal as you are unable to involve your lats

Tip: Pullovers ensure right activation of the lats

Pump it up!

The truth is that a pump will not only make you look superhuman but also ensure the following:

  • Muscle will be trained correctly vis-à-vis performing a joint workout
  • Blood will stretch the fascia and the more stretched it is, the more your muscles can grow
  • The blood will be able to carry all the required nutrients to the chest muscle