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Perfect in every way. The quality of Pharmamuscle supplements is second to none. I've tried most on the market, and these really do stand out. The buying experience was easy and the delivery arrived the very next day..

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Nutritional supplements


Pharmamuscle places the focus on you. We specifically design our products using the highest quality ingredients to provide optimum results for you, whether you're an occasional gym goer or a professional athlete. The innovative and adaptable culture at Pharmamuscle allows us to respond and create products to match your needs.

When you join Pharmamuscle, you join a community of like minded, performance focussed individuals and a brand that puts your needs first. We offer expert advice along with our superior products which ensures that Pharmamuscle sees you through to the end to reach your goals.

The Pharmamuscle brand is built on a foundation of three fundamental principles; innovation, science & quality. The combination of this triad of values ensures that our products are renowned for pureness, superior quality and most importantly delivering results which has lead to Pharmamuscle quickly becoming a leading sports nutrition brand.


    Our ethos of producing premium quality sports supplements that have been proven to be effective ensures that all of our products create a real and measurable improvement in your fitness.

    We believe that the superior quality of our supplements is the key to delivering results and Pharmamuscle makes no compromises to obtain all ingredients from the highest quality sources available. Our products can easily be distinguished from other supplements based solely on quality.


    Pharmamuscle is the leading producer of scientifically advanced sports nutrition. We only supply the very best natural products backed by scientific research and analysis.

    Our in-house scientists collaborate with our nutritionists to conduct research into the active ingredients to ensure that they have been scientifically proven to create a real impact. We specifically select ingredients that are backed by hard, scientific evidence so we can be sure that the product you pay for will have a proven biological effect.


    Pharmamuscle aims to fully utilise cutting-edge technology to maximise the efficacy of our products and improve your performance. The creative culture at Pharmamuscle breeds innovation and with the help of leading sports nutritionists and scientists, we have created pioneering new technology that set our products apart.

    ActiZymeTM is our most recent innovation which is at the forefront of advanced absorption technology. Out proprietary blend of biologically active ingredients accelerates absorption and ensures maximum bioavailability of our supplements to take effect.


"To help you achieve your goals by providing the highest quality nutritional supplements available"

Our premium quality products are aimed at all levels of fitness, from occasional gym goers, to sports enthusiasts and experienced professional athletes. Our products are researched and developed by leading sports nutritionists with a wealth of experience in improving the performance of world-class athletes, sportsmen and those seeking a more active lifestyle. The Pharmamuscle range helps users lead a healthier lifestyle.

We do not compromise on pureness or quality and guarantee our products with a no quibble money back guarantee. All our products are manufactured to ISO9001 quality standards using GMP certified facilities in the UK. We are registered in the UK and are independently owned meaning we do not compromise on product quality.


  • Premium quality natural ingredients from Informed Sports certified sources
  • Developed by leading experts using research based science to guarantee results
  • 100% pure, active and concentrated, without binders, fillers and other chemical excipients
  • Trusted and recommended by leading sports professionals
  • 100% Vegetarian and endorsed by the Vegetarian Society
  • Free from gluten, wheat, added sugars, sucralose, aspartame, artificial colours or flavourings

We also offer expert advice through a panel of established sports experts and nutritionists, ensuring consumers choose the right products for their particular needs. Our technical and performance team also develops bespoke nutritional products and works with elite athletes, National Governing Bodies and professional sports teams.


We are committed to providing you the assurance that all of our products are of the highest quality. We test each of our batches and carefully regulate production and quality so you can trust Pharmamuscle to supple a premium product. All Pharmamuscle products carry clearly detailed label information, including full ingredient listings, full nutrition information and usage directions.