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Refer a friend

Sharing Pharmamuscle products with your friends, team colleagues and fellow gym users is a great way to build the Pharmamuscle community of like-minded individuals to achieve your fitness goals together.

Referring your friend to Pharmamuscle is also a rewarding experience for you both:

  • Introduce a new friend to pharmamuscle.com, and not only will they receive Referral Reward Points, you will also receive 1 reward point for every £1 they spend.
  • In order to earn your Referral Reward Points, your friend must enter your specific Referral Code when signing up to Pharmamuscle.com.
  • You can find your specific Referral Code by logging in your Profile once you have logged in to your account. You are able to pass on your referral code as many times as you want, so the more friends you encourage to join up and buy from us, the more points you earn to receive money off your next order.

How can I promote pharmamuscle.com?

Here are a couple of tips to help you promote Pharmamuscle.com - in all instances, remember to give people your referral code in order to be credited with Referral Reward Points:

  • Put a status update on facebook with a link to our site
  • How about posting something about our products on Twitter?
  • An email to some of your team members, work colleagues or friends could go down a treat
  • Print out some sheets with your referral code and our url on to give them out?

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