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Luke Flannigan
22 I’ve always kept fit by playing a range of sports, from football to rugby, to running at school, but the difficulty that I’d find is that I could never bulk up. My weight had stayed at 10 stone for the last 5 years or so, so when I hit 6ft tall, you can imagine how lanky I looked standing next to my friends, they were keen to remind me of this fact at every opportunity, and I lost a lot of confidence during my university years. I was eating takeaways and packet foods, picking whatever was cheapest without ever thinking to check nutritional content, or how what I was eating would affect the way I looked.
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45 I started out at 16 stone in September 2013 and finally decided that I needed to take real action to stop myself putting on any more weight. I set myself the goal of fitting into one of my old dresses that I had saved from when I had a more slender figure. I found Metaburn and decided to start taking this as well as going to the gym regularly. I lost 3lbs in two weeks and now 6 months on I’ve lost close to 2 stone and I have achieved my goal. But I’m not stopping there. I’m continuing my training and will carry on taking Metaburn too for its fantastic results in speeding up my weight loss.
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