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Ultimate Sports Nutrition Bundle

Whatever your fitness goals, the Ultimate Sports Nutrition Bundle has your needs covered. Containing Opti-Tribulus, Mega Minerals, Mega Aminos BCAA and Alpha Male multivitamins, your health & fitness


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Opti-Tribulus is 100% pure and potent tribulus terrestris. It is formulated using the finest quality raw ingredients available on the market today. The high 95% saponin content (the active ingredient in tribulus terrestris) delivers 300mg of tribulus per capsule.

Opti-Tribulus is derived from a plant native to the warm and tropical climates of southern Europe, Australia and south Asia. It has been used for centuries in ancient herbal remedies to improve male sexual performance, physical strength and recovery. Following modern day scientific research and clinical trials into the active ingredients in Tribulus, it has been shown that it enhances the levels of Leutenising Hormone (LH) in the body which is a precursor to testosterone. It therefore provides a natural testosterone boost for the body which empowers greater strength, performance and recovery.

Tribulus has been used in Sports Nutrition by athletes and professionals for its great natural effects. The benefit of using Opti-Tribulus is that since it is derived from natural sources, it works to boost your body's natural hormone levels and muscle building mechanisms. There have not been any reported harmful side effects that would normally be associated with the use of steroids which are employed for similar gains. You can be confident that Opti-Tribulus has been sourced and produced from only the highest quality sources of pharmaceutical grade.


Powerful Mineral Formula Accelerates Recovery, Enhances Strength & Inhibits Muscle Catabolism. Mega Minerals Is At The Forefront Of Innovative Supplements & Contains New Absorption Techology, NutraActive.

Mega Minerals is a definitive blend of Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc and vitamin B6 which work synergistically to accelerate muscle growth and recovery. Based on the popular ZMA formulas widely available, Mega Minerals provides an innovative, exclusive formula that contains calcium and advanced absorption technology, NutraActive.

Over half of all adults do not obtain the daily recommended amounts of zinc or magnesium, making supplements essential if uncompensated by dietary adjustments. Furthermore, it has been shown that increased exercise leads to a proportionately increased rate of mineral turnover meaning that regular exercisers lose vitamins and minerals faster. Mega Minerals proves to be an essential supplement, providing a complete blend of minerals and vitamins that replenish stores and support muscle growth.

  • Innovative strategic formulation combining magnesium, zinc, vitamin B6 & calcium to facilitate rapid recovery from exercise-induced muscle damage, promote lean muscle growth & enhance strength
  • Original absorption technology NutraActive is a proprietary blend of highly biologically active molecules that substantially improve absorption of vitamins, minerals and nutrients
  • Naturally boosts testosterone synthesis and release which acts as an anabolic hormone that stimulates growth of muscle tissue
  • Supports muscle maintenance, improves stamina & reduce recovery time, cramps and fatigue to produce a real improvement in performance
  • Unlocks extra energy and restores essential mineral balance in cells to prevent limitations in performance & muscle gain cause by mineral deficit



Superior Quality MEGA AMINOS BCAA Boost Energy Release, Promote Muscle Tissue Repair & Stimulates Release of Anabolic Hormones To Enhance Strength & Endurance

MEGA AMINOS provides 100% pure, bioactive BACCs which have potent anti-catabolic effects which prevent muscle breakdown, whilst simultaneously stimulating muscle growth. The three essential amino acids are Isoleucine, Leucine and Valine which cannot be produced by the body and therefore must be obtained via dietary or supplementary intake. Branched Chain Amino Acids (BACCs) make up almost 20% of muscle mass, making the three essential BCAA out of the twenty essential amino acids incredibly important.

  • MEGA AMINOS BCAA Capsules provide a high dose of BCAAs in a scientifically proven ratio of 2:1:1 ratio of Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine to yields maximum results
  • Using only the highest quality sources distinguishes MEGA AMINOS as a premium product providing an ultra-pure BCAA supplement
  • Superior quality ensures that MEGA AMINOS is easily and completely absorbed and is rapidly delivered to muscle tissue
  • BCAA are the building blocks of proteins & additionally stimulate muscle growth and repair whilst actively inhibiting the release of catabolic hormones following exercise
  • Only muscle tissue can oxidise BCAAs to release energy making BCAA an essential supplement to provide an energy boost to increase performance & endurance
  • BCAA have a glycogen sparing effect which extends the time to fatigue, enabling you to train at a higher intensity for longer


The unique new formula combining the most potent active agents and powerful vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and superfoods to create the most comprehensive super multivitamin that makes every man the best he can be

Physical exercise represents a huge strain on the nutrient resources of the body that cannot be replaced from your diet alone. Deficiencies in essential nutrients can compromise your health and the functionality of your immune system. This can impair the ability of your body to combat illness and also the body's ability to repair itself after strenuous exercise which can affect performance.

Alpha Male is more than just a multi-vitamin. Alpha Male is the most complete super multivitamin product with over 40 active ingredients, designed specifically for the nutritional needs of men. Only the most premium quality sources of each vitamin and mineral have been used to form this high potency formula that is essential for the active man.

  • Replenishes your body's reserves of nutrients and vitamins to enable rapid recovery from exercise induced tissue damage & promotes healthy tissue growth to increase strength.
  • Boosts your health and immune system to prevent premature fatigue and exhaustion & unlocks extra energy to optimise physical and mental performance by enhancing strength & endurance.
  • A scientifically designed formula that combines natural ingredients and extracts that aid a slower and timed release of vitamins to ensure Alpha Male delivers vitamins in useable quantities.
  • Unique new absorption technology NutaActiveTM contains biologically active proteins that maximise the uptake of the vitamins to enhance the efficacy of Alpha Male.
  • Made with 100% pure natural ingredients without any fillers or binder, Alpha Male is the purest highest strength multivitamin formula available.

Suitable for every man, Alpha Male should be part of every man's daily supplementation. Alpha Male should be taken with each of your three main meals every day and additionally one should be taken after workouts to replenish the nutrients lost and improve recovery.

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